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About Us

From the start clients have come to LaSalle to assist them in sourcing and staffing exceptional talent.  LaSalle has made it our first priority to provide real value to our clients.
From our offices in the Chicago Board of Trade and St. Louis we assist the needs of the firms we partner with on 3 continents. We work with our clients to identify, attract, and develop the best candidates.  We are proud of the hand and glove relationships we have developed with select clients.
We take that relationship seriously and work daily to affirm the trust placed in us by our clients.


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Why Lasalle

LaSalle is a search and placement firm focusing on an effective unobtrusive way to meet specific staffing challenges.  To that end we have developed a business strategy that completes the customer’s goals while reducing many of the complaints customers have with recruitment firms.

First – keep your contact time with our account executives to a minimum.  The number one complaint we come across with new clients is the excessive and seemingly unnecessary phone calls regarding candidates and other items.

Secondly we deal with the usual candidate hang-ups well before you ever see a candidate.  We generate candidate profile, resume and hot-sheet for you to evaluate the candidate’s wants, needs, skills and experience specific to your position.  This technique virtually clears away the need for counter offers, candidates falling off after accepting an offer with your company and many of the other surprises that can potentially turn disastrous.

In short we believe in our services and we go the extra step to make sure that your experience with LaSalle is as productive and rewarding as can be expected.  We want to give you real value for the investment you make in your future employees.

We specialize in retained and contingency placement of permanent and contract employment with clients across North America, Europe, and Asia.


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Areas of Expertise

LaSalle fills specific positions across all segments of the industries we serve.  We are making placements every day across three continents.  Some of the areas where we have built a presence in the marketplace are:

Legal Staff


Information Technology

Robotics & Automation

Turbines, Compressors and Rotating Equipment


Customs Compliance


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