What industries do you service?

We primarily focus on the Tech, Financial, and Manufacturing sectors.  Within that we have staff expertise to locate and recruit on most any position.  We believe that through hard work and intimate industry and company knowledge we can source candidates of a rare quality for any firm that chooses to do business with us.

What type of candidates do you recruit?

Primarily we focus on technical professionals in the industries mentioned above.  However, we do have specialists that focus on other areas of expertise to give us the ability to service virtually any request a client can give us.

Our main focus is on servicing any and all client needs.  We want them to be able to turn to us with any needs. On the rare occasion we do not have the in-house expertise to fulfill a client’s request we will partner with other specialists to find that individual.

Does your firm work on Retainer?

A slight majority of our work is on a retainer or retainer/contingency basis. With a minority being pure retainer work.

What is retainer/contingency search?

This is where a small upfront fee against the contingency fee.  This is incorporated to allow our firm to prioritize an opening and focus time, effort, and energy.

How do you screen your candidates?

We have each candidate fill out an in-depth survey as well as submit a resume.  From that point we conduct an extensive candidate interview.  As our relationship with the candidate progresses, we will do a background check to verify employment history.  We are constantly evaluating skills (hard and soft). We also explore how the candidate’s background and temperament would fit within the culture of our client.  If the candidate meets these exacting standards, we then feel comfortable submitting them for our client’s consideration.